Quick Order

If you know the product codes of the items you need you can just type them in the boxes below. If you get something wrong, don't worry you can amend anything you enter below in the checkout area.

TIP: Use your tab key to make it quicker to move from the product code box, to the quantity, to the pack size drop-down and then on to the next row.

Code Qty Code Qty

Upload Order

Alternatively you may want to upload your order from a CSV or tab delimited file.

The file needs to contain a column with the stock codes and another with the quantities. For the UOM, you can either have another column or you can choose for all the lines to be cases or all the lines to be splits. There can be other columns in your file which will be ignored as the order is loaded. Enter the column number of each field with the first column being 1.

UOM many be a column number, C (case) or S (split).

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